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About Us

Flapjack Toys was founded in 2005 with the intention of bringing smiles to people’s faces by creating weird kooky products. Everything we make is retro inspired and designed to trigger fun memories of special times. We believe that you don’t necessarily have to be a kid to feel like one. Sometimes you just need to let loose, be yourself, and enjoy life!


Claudia Becker


Hi, I’m Claudia, the owner of Flapjack Toys and designer of our home décor pillow line--Flapjack Home. I’m a lover of all things retro and a big fan of mid-century modern architecture and design. Simple geometrical lines and bold colors are always on my mind.

I have been fascinated by advertising characters since childhood. My father worked in finance for Nestlé and I was always intrigued by the funny characters printed on their cereal boxes. I often collected the promotional figures found inside the packaging. My interest in design came from my mother, who taught me how to sew outfits for my barbie dolls.

After obtaining a degree in international commerce and completing fashion school, I worked as a clothing designer, merchandiser, and toy buyer. My career in toys and gifts continued when I co-founded Funko Inc. in 1998, and later Flapjack Toys in 2005. Flapjack Toy’s product line has grown to include other categories throughout the years, and I have been very fortunate to meet and work with many creative artists and entrepreneurs. I believe in the importance of supporting other small family businesses like mine. It makes the learning process a lot more fun.

I hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.






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